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Your website’s landing pages should drive significant conversions, sales, or leads. OuterBox builds high-performing landing pages for your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Landing pages are made to welcome your browsers and transform them into customers and clients. They are much like love at first sight and this is what landing pages are ought to do. The moment a user lands on your website, no matter whether they come through ad link or redirected via some other website. It is vital to make the landing page so attractive and captivating that the user and the user is prompted not to leave the site before the respond to the business call to action.

Importance of your Landing Page

Any business or organization that is investing in SEO or PPC for digital marketing requires specifically designed landing pages that corresponds to the link they publish. Though directing users to a homepage of your website via ad links has slim rate of visitor conversion, it has been noticed that if a user is redirected to webpage that is specific to what the ad link demonstrated then the chances of transforming those visitors into solid leads and loyal customer’s increases manifolds.

The above information is based on facts that users usually have short attention span now days and in case, they don’t see what they have been looking for then within a few minutes or seconds on the landing page, businesses are prone to lose them as customers.

Though the landing page designing is quiet similar to a usual webpage designing expect some major differences. The main purpose of a landing page is to push the visitor and prompt them to take actions, complete specific tasks that you had intended them to, fill up a form or give their details, call you or chat with the customer services! These are the targeted special focus of the landing page and other element that needs to be incorporated is creating a good user experience along with some marvelous designer elements and concepts.

The first and foremost aspect of a landing page is its header and our expert designers put special focus on creating highly appealing header for the required page that keeps their visitors glued to the website and create a long lasting impression on their mind.

Another aspect is personalization of web pages. The webpage will be designed as per the demographics, geo location etc.

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